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O O R: the labeL (Her-story, in short)

Indie artist Cynthia Catania started olivoiL records in 1999. The label has been a vehicle for music in the DIY spirit of Ani DiFranco and Righteous Babe Records. Since its inception, olivoiL has hosted dozens of live music events under the “Indie Night” and “Songwriters On Tap” banners. Star-studded performances include Sara Bareilles, Jimmy Gnecco (OURS), Gaby Moreno, Colin Hay (Men at Work), and more. The label was setting trends in the mid-2000s which inspired other community series’ including Room 5’s “Mondays in the Round” and the “San Diego’s Indiefest” concert series.

O O R has been home to International/LA artists Saucy Monky, Cynthia Catania, Paper Sun, Annmarie Cullen, The Secret Things, and more recently Steve Giles. It began with Cynthia’s eponymous EP followed by a string of records by the favorite Irish-American indie quartet Saucy Monky. The Secret Things released their EP “Shock Diary” and various one-off singles including “Down By the Water” and “Bully.” Cynthia’s newest solo chapter is represented with the singles “Phones” and “Sidelines” and “Remember”.


Cynthia started making records in Los Angeles, alongside veteran sideman extraordinaire Tad Wadhams. Those early sessions with Tad influenced Cynthia’s recording aesthetics and technics. In the early 2000s, she began her career as a producer. Her first full-length album “Turbulence” by Saucy Monky was picked up by 429 Records/Warner Bros and Scotland’s Measured Records. Tracks from the bands’ first two CDs, “Turbulence” and “Celebrity Trash” hit the Irish airwaves and started the bands’ exciting career abroad. Cynthia continues to produce music for her projects, film, TV, and other select artists. One of her more recent productions for The Secret Things, “Keeper” was licensed by Loud Kult in Sweden with distribution by The Orchard.

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